What’s Trending in Todays Kitchen Design?

Take a look at the newest trends in Kitchen designs that homeowners want.

Open Shelving– Owners are wanting more windows and open shelving instead of upper cabinetry. This allows more natural light to flow into the space, provide engagement with the outdoors and make the entire space feel bigger.

Pop of Color– White cabinetry continues to remain at the top in terms of color trend. However, homeowners are now wanting to tone down the ALL white trend. Adding pops of black or a bold color or by adding natural wood tones can warm up the space and add some contrast.

Mixed Metals– Mixing metals and the rise of brass are adding some glam to kitchens. Several appliance manufactures are using mixed-metal knobs and pulls on ovens and refrigerators, nothing that everyone needs some “jewelry in the kitchen”.

Cabinet Panels– The favorite cabinet panels today are recessed and raised. However, many predict that flat panels will grow more popular as the modern trend continues to rise.

Function with the Ability to Hide– Of those surveyed, 80% are interested in the functionality of their kitchen but want the ability to hide their on-counter appliances, utensils and cooking supplies. Designers are continuing to push walk-in pantries, but several cabinet manufactures have started creating options to solve this. These include tall pull-outs for each side of the fridge.

Smart Ovens– Smart phones that can control your oven? Hubs that can walk homeowners step-by-step how to cook? These are all new advances in kitchen technology. However, many homeowners are still reluctant to add these types of appliances right now but that may change going forward.

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