Questions for your Builder

5 Questions for your Builder

You’ve dreamed of a new home.  You’ve ridden around and taken pictures of houses you like.  You’ve pulled pages out of magazines and gone to websites like Houzz.  Now, you’ve finally made the decision to invest in your dream home.  Now what?

As a custom home builder with over 35 years of experience, we are ready to answer any questions you may have as you start the process of designing and building your home.  We encourage and welcome dialog, but we find that most new clients don’t really know what types of questions they should be asking to get the information they need to help ensure that they have a more satisfying experience with us – or any builder. Here are 5 questions that we think you should ask:

Can you supply references?  

We are happy to provide a list of people we have worked with. A Client Reference List will be included in the packet of information you receive from us at our first contact. It will include street addresses and phone numbers.  We encourage you to call any of them and ask about their experience with our company. We also maintain a list of material suppliers and trade contractors that we use on a regular basis.  These companies are familiar with our procedures and will be a good source of information about our company.

Who will be running the job on a daily basis?

We will give you 2 direct contacts for each job.  Our owner visits each site several times a week and has a thorough understanding of exactly where your job is at all times.  You will also have a project manager that will visit your site each day.  Either of these will be able to answer any questions you may have during the construction process.  Our entire staff is available to support you and your project, so you can always contact our main office, but your first call should be to your project manager who is most familiar with the day to day schedule and progress of your home.

Will there be someone working on site every day?

Understanding how a typical project is built from stage to stage is critical to having a positive experience.  Sometimes, there may be very few people on the jobsite, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t progressing.  We may be waiting on a city or county inspection or waiting for the finish on hardwood floors to dry.  We maintain a fairly tight schedule and our success with you depends on our efficiency, but occasional lulls in the process are to be expected.

How will you deal with construction debris?

We pride ourselves on maintaining a clean jobsite.  All projects create a mountain of debris, from leftover brick pieces to cardboard boxes and carpet scraps.  We will clear the house of debris and sweep the rooms as often as necessary.  We will work with you and your neighbors to place a trash receptacle that is convenient for us but out of the way as much as possible. We will empty it when it gets full and remove it as soon as we no longer need it.

How do you handle changes?

Most clients assume that when the house plans and specifications are complete, they won’t be making any changes.  However, it happens all the time.  You see the house during the framing stage and realize you really need to move a window over 2 feet.  Or you walk into a room right before drywall and discover you left out a light switch over by that door when you did the initial electrical walk-through.  We have a Change Order procedure in place, which we will explain to you up front, that we use to incorporate changes after the project begins.


By asking the right questions, we hope you’ll feel more comfortable with the building process and with your decision to use RMB Building & Design to give you the home of your dreams. From site selection to move-in, we will seamlessly handle all the details to ensure that you are getting an extraordinary home with southern hospitality.  Call or email us for more details.

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